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mpi !

Instances of Ubuntu Linux with MPICH -- portable implementation of Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard. Designed for MPI program development and deployment.

LabInstance mpi

alt text

inspired by NLKNguyen


This is a quickstart guide of howto use this LabInstance to deploy MPI programs

HowTo use it

  • On step "1. Select Git Repo" see here choose "examples-mpi"

  • On step "2. Select swarm service" choose "ondemand_mpi_master"

  • On step "3. Save Lab Instance" put the name you want

  • Save it.

Your are ready to run your fresh LabInstance see here

Default Configuration

  • Working Directory


  • Default user for MPI


  • Buid-in Web Server


Lab_Instance Name = The name you give here

You can also find here


touch /var/www/html/[name]/file

  • The host file that contains addresses of connected workers can be created with:

IP_ADDR=$(ip addr show | grep "inet " | grep "eth0" | awk '{print $2}')

nmap -sP $IP_ADDR | grep ondemand_mpi_worker | awk -F "[()]" '{ for (i=2; i<NF; i+=2) print $i }' > /project/hosts

  • Compile

mpicc -o /project/mpi_hello_world examples/mpi_hello_world.c

  • run the MPI hello world program

sudo -u mpi mpirun -n 10 -f /project/hosts /project/mpi_hello_world

NOTE: copy hello world to all clients

# scp hello wrold to all clients. sudo -u mpi for auto scp connect. see /home/mpi/.ssh 
while read -r line; 
   sudo -u mpi scp /project/mpi_hello_world mpi@$line:/project/mpi_hello_world
done < /project/hosts


See swarmlab and examples directory