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mpi !

Instances of Ubuntu Linux with MPICH -- portable implementation of Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard. Designed for MPI program development and deployment.

LabInstance mpi2

alt text


Vlabs are reset every night around 02:00!

If you would like to keep your work please refer to “publish”.

Vlabs dont have firewall restrictions BUT the machines are not exposed to the internet.

You share all machines so please be cooperative and discrete.


This is a quickstart guide of howto use this LabInstance to deploy MPI programs

HowTo use it

  • cd /home/ubuntu

git clone

  • cd examples-mpi2/examples

make all

Default Configuration

  • Working Directory


  • Default user


Find lab workers

The host file that contains addresses of connected workers can be created with:

swarmlab-getworkers > /home/ubuntu/invhosts

connect to workers

 ssh ubuntu@[IP]
 Info:  user has sudo privileges without a password


mpicc -o /home/ubuntu/mpi_hello_world examples/mpi_hello_world.c

run the MPI hello world program

mpirun -n 10 -f /home/ubuntu/hosts /home/ubuntu/mpi_hello_world

NOTE: copy hello world to all clients

# scp hello wrold to all clients. sudo -u mpi for auto scp connect. see /home/mpi/.ssh 
while read -r line; 
   scp /home/ubuntu/mpi_hello_world ubuntu@$line:/home/ubuntu/mpi_hello_world
done < /home/ubuntu/hosts

Publish Your Work

 mkdir /home/ubuntu/directory
 put your files and other directories into /home/ubuntu/directory
 swarmlab-publish /home/ubuntu/directory
 open URL in Browser


See examples directory

 cd examples
 make mpi_hello_world
 make example ex=squares