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Linux Operating System

Instance of Ubuntu with Linux-based tools

A vlab enviroment ready for learning

This is designed to help you with:

  • Linux Networking
  • Essentials of Linux System Administration
  • Learn to orchestrate a lot of linux machines with ansible
  • Build network on top of OS
  • Advanced system programming

You can learn your own pace regardless of tutor lessons.

Our vlabs allow for design and trial or real world applications.

Not being affraid of making mistakes


  • We have one master and multiple workers.
  • We get initial access to the master and from there we can use the workers.
  • Inside the master we have user access while in our workers we have sudo access whithout password.



Vlabs are reset every night around 02:00!

If you would like to keep your work please refer to “publish”.

Vlabs dont have firewall restrictions BUT the machines are not exposed to the internet.

You share all machines so please be cooperative and discrete.


This is a quickstart guide of howto use this Lab

Default Configuration

Working Directory


Default user


Publish Your Work

 mkdir /home/ubuntu/directory
 put your files and other directories into /home/ubuntu/directory
 swarmlab-publish /home/ubuntu/directory
 open URL in Browser

Find lab workers

The host file that contains addresses of connected workers can be created with:

swarmlab-getworkers > /home/ubuntu/invhosts

connect to workers

 ssh ubuntu@[IP]
 Info:  user has sudo privileges without a password

connect to workers with ansible

cd /home/ubuntu/project/examples-os2/ansible
   make ps