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The R Project for Statistical Computing

R is an open source programming language. It has become one of the powerful choices for statistical analysis. R helps you to get big picture of your data by calculating statistical parameters like mean, standard deviation, correlation etc.

LabInstance R

alt text


This is a quickstart guide of howto use this LabInstance

HowTo use it

  • On step “1. Select Git Reposee here choose “examples-r

  • On step “2. Select swarm service” choose “ondemand_r_master

  • On step “3. Save Lab Instance” put the name you want

  • Save it.

Your are ready to run your fresh LabInstance see here

Default Configuration

  • Working Directory


  • Default user


  • Buid-in Web Server

/var/www/html/[Lab_Instance Name]


Lab_Instance Name = The name you give here

You can also find here

Usage: See examples/PieChart.R

e.g. png(file = “/var/www/html/examples_r/piechart.png”)

  • install R packages

Here is a simple code to install all the necessary R packages to keep you up and running. The script will check whether the required packages have been installed, if not, it will install them accordingly.

install <- function(packages){

new.packages <- packages[!(packages %in% installed.packages()[, “Package”])]

if (length(new.packages))

install.packages(new.packages, dependencies = TRUE)

sapply(packages, require, character.only = TRUE)


required.packages <- c(“package1”, “package2” )



See swarmlab and examples directory