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Using the provided image

Getting VirtualBox

To use the image we have to have installed Virtual Box. You can do that here.

Adding a new machine and using the image

⚠️ Before following the steps bellow if unsure of what youre doing please copy the image to a secure location for backup!!!

After installing virtualbox, on the main page at the top we have the contol icons.
Right next to "run", "stop" etc we will find create (Carefull NOT ADD).

Upon clicking on that there will be a series of questions about the vm.

We will choose a name for our new virtual machine, linux as the type and Ubuntu 64 bit as the operating system.

When prompted for the disk we will choose to use an existing image and then select the one we downloaded.

ℹ️ If the image is not visible you might have to add it using the icon on the top left.

Once youre done click next and your vm should be ready to run.

Full-Screen Mode

To get full screen capabillity you have to install the guest additions for you specific distribution.
To do that you can navigate to the Device menu and mound a virtual drive containing those additions.
After doing the installation reastart your virtual machine and native screen resolution should be available in the monitor settings tab.
To go full screen you have to press the host key + f (by default host key is right CTRL).

see also Link-1, Link-2, Link-3

Have fun!!!!