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if [ $# -lt 3 ]; then
echo "This script will create a veth pair, attach one end to an OVS bridge,"
echo "and another end to the specified container as a virtual NIC."
echo ""
echo "Usage: $0 <CONTAINER> <VETH> <PEER> <OVS BRIDGE>"
echo "Example: $0 test-container-1 veth-1 peer-1 br-int"
exit 1
NETNS=`sudo docker inspect -f '{{.State.Pid}}' $CONTAINER`
echo "add veth pair[$VETH <--> $PEER] to container[$CONTAINER] in netns[$NETNS]"
ip link delete $VETH || true
ip link add $VETH type veth peer name $PEER
echo "add port to ovs bridge $OVS_BR"
ovs-vsctl add-port $OVS_BR $VETH
echo "move $PEER to netns $NETNS"
ip link set $PEER netns $NETNS
ip netns exec $NETNS ip link set dev $PEER up
echo "done"